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Expert Witness

Expert Witness Services

GENTERRA Consultants, Inc. provide expert witness and forensic engineering services in civil and geotechnical engineering and geoscience, construction defects; dam design; dam safety evaluation; dam construction; dam failure analysis; soil engineering; surface water and ground water hydrology and hydraulics; hydrogeology; geology; public safety at dams and water facilities; earthquake engineering and seismicity. GENTERRA's professionals are licensed and experienced in their respective fields and have experience in expert witness testimony. GENTERRA maintains expertise in the following areas of engineering, science and special technology:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Geotechnical Engineering
  • Dam and Reservoir Design and Construction
  • Levee Rehabilitation
  • Drainage and Surface Water Hydraulics
  • Earthquake Engineering and Seismology
  • Structural Engineering
  • Failure and Damage Evaluations
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Geology and Engineering Geology
  • Construction Engineering
  • Groundwater Science and Hydrogeology
  • Hydrology and Water Resources

The firm's principals, associates and other senior technical personnel have degrees, are registered or certified in their respective disciplines and are active members of many professional associations. Most of them have advanced degrees and experience in providing expert witness testimony in depositions and in the courtroom.


GENTERRA's team of professionals and technical staff include the following:

  • Civil Engineers
  • Geotechnical Engineers
  • Dam Engineers
  • Dam Safety and Levee Safety Experts
  • Engineering Geologists
  • Hydrologists
  • Hydrogeologists
  • Structural Engineers
  • Field and Laboratory Soil Technicians

The firm's clients are generally in the following sectors:

  • City, County, State & Federal Governments
  • Water, Flood Control & Irrigation Districts
  • Utilities
  • Other Owners of Dams, Reservoirs & Water Facilities
  • Engineering & Planning firms
  • Attorneys & Law Firms
  • Insurance Companies & Claims Adjusters