Dam Design & Dam Safety

Dams Are Our Specialty

GENTERRA provides specialized consulting engineering services for the planning and design of new, enlarged and modified dams and reservoirs, and for the evaluation and improvement of existing dams of all types and sizes. These services represent more than 85% of our work. GENTERRA has provided services on more than 250 dams since the firm was established in 1995.

Specific Services Related to Dams and Reservoirs

  • Design and analysis of new, enlarged or modified earth and rockfill dams
  • Dam safety evaluation, monitoring and rehabilitation
  • Static and seismic stability analyses
  • Dam failure investigations
  • Risk analyses of potential dam failure
  • Emergency action planning
  • Spillways, outlet facilities and other appurtenances
  • Debris, retention, detention and retarding basins
  • Tailings, dams and mine waste impoundments
  • Dam and reservoir linings
  • Field and laboratory geotechnical site investigations
  • Seepage analyses
  • Site evaluation, route evaluation and alignment studies
  • Seismologic and geologic studies
  • Evaluation of liquefaction potential
  • Recommendations for earthwork construction
  • Geotechnical QA/QC during construction
  • Flood inundation studies and emergency action plans
  • Development of dam safety monitoring programs
  • Field measurements and reporting of performance data
  • Assistance for vulnerability assessments and facilities security programs
  • Coordination with dam safety and regulatory agencies
  • Expert witness testimony and third party reviews
  • Training for operations and engineering personnel
  • 24/7 emergency contact

We Provide Services Of Value To Owners Of Dams And Reservoirs

This high level of expertise and experience enables our firm to provide services that are of high quality and of value to owners and operators of dams and reservoirs. The conditions we have observed and our proprietary database of projects enable us to readily evaluate other dams and develop cost-effective and reliable solutions.

Some results of company projects are listed below:

  • Dam safety evaluations of more than 250 dams ranging in height from 20 feet to 350 feet
  • Recent and current design of new dams and modifications of dams ranging in height from 70 feet to 220 feet
  • Geotechnical, hydrologic, hydraulic, structural and environmental analyses for flood control, potable water storage and hydroelectric projects
  • Reservoir enlargements by raising height of existing dams
  • Updated analyses and modifications for improvement in static and seismic stability
  • Reduction and/or control of seepage and other problems
  • Early identification of potential problems and cost-effective mitigation, repair and rehabilitation
  • Investigations of the cause of failures of dams
  • Abandonment and replacement of malfunctioning instrumentation
  • Design and strategic placement of new instrumentation to improve reliability and effectiveness
  • Enhancement of visual appearance; improved operation and maintenance programs
  • Training of operators and on-call expertise for routine issues and emergencies
  • Coordination and assistance with State Division of Safety of Dams and other agencies
  • Development of inundation maps and input for emergency action and security plans