Levees & Flood Control Facilities

GENTERRA offers specialized engineering and geotechnical services through a team of professionals with proven expertise and many years of experience on projects involving levees, water, wastewater and flood control facilities.

Levees Inspection, Evaluation and Rehabilitation

GENTERRA’s personnel have many years of experience in levee engineering, inspections, operations, maintenance and design of repairs and rehabilitation measures. Company projects have included inspections and geotechnical investigations for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and emergency evaluation and repair of levees for flood control districts. The company’s personnel, strengthened by laboratory and field testing capabilities, offer a complete range of consulting services in the planning, investigation, design, construction, consultation, and evaluation of levees. We provide the following for levees:

  • Initial and continuing inspections of levees
  • Evaluations of damage and design of emergency repairs
  • Hydraulic and hydrologic evaluations, including channel scour, sediment transport, flow through structures, peak flow, runoff volume, flood levels, and freeboard
  • Geotechnical engineering evaluation and analyses for stability and seepage considerations
  • Design services, including scour and erosion protection, seepage control, and construction specifications for rehabilitation or modification of existing levees
  • FEMA Certification to provide documentation to certify that levees are capable of providing proper flood protection

Other Flood Protection Facilities

  • Design of new, enlarged or modified earth and rockfill dams
  • Safety evaluation, monitoring and rehabilitation of dams
  • Failure investigations
  • Spillways, outlet facilities and other appurtenances
  • Debris, retention, detention and retarding basins
  • Tailings, dams and mine waste impoundments
  • Geosynthetic lining and floating cover systems
  • Pipelines and pumping facilities
  • Wastewater collection systems
  • Field and laboratory geotechnical site investigations
  • Site evaluation, route evaluation and alignment studies
  • Seismologic and geologic studies
  • Recommendations for earthwork construction
  • Geotechnical QA/QC during construction
  • Environmental studies
  • Flood inundation studies and emergency action plans
  • Development of dam safety monitoring programs
  • Field measurements and reporting of performance data
  • Assistance for facilities security programs
  • Coordination with dam safety and regulatory agencies
  • Third party review