Geotechnical Engineering

GENTERRA’s geotechnical engineers and geologists are highly experienced in geotechnical evaluation, engineering analysis and design, field and laboratory soil investigations and application of current professional principles and practice. The company offers a full range of geotechnical services on all types of projects, including dams, reservoirs, public works facilities, water storage and conveyance facilities, levees, flood control facilities, site development, transportation facilities, mine waste facilities, tailings dams, low-head hydroelectric facilities, buildings and infrastructure.

Capabilities in geotechnical engineering, soil engineering, evaluation, design, construction and analysis include:

  • Soil sampling, field testing and laboratory testing
  • Analysis and design of shallow and deep foundations
  • Design and evaluation of dams and other earth structures
  • Earthquake engineering and seismology
  • Pipeline design investigations
  • Static and seismic slope stability analyses
  • Evaluation of liquefaction and settlement potential
  • Geotechnical instrumentation
  • Geosynthetics and waste impoundment design
  • Reservoir liners and reservoir floating covers
  • Evaluation of soil/structure interaction and settlement
  • Recommendations for ground improvement
  • Construction Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC)
  • Development of cost estimates
  • Expert witness services and forensic engineering